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Make it Better

by brokeMC

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Get Open 02:08
It's danger us vs. danger them. Stranger than fiction, lick my diction, tricks of the trader, bounty hunter fiction, sticks and stones like rocks and trees, code breaker, home maker, ain't no foolin me. cool as ice cream, jewels in my teeth, schoolin creeps on the rules of the streets. who competes? Nah, you don't stand a chance. Hold to your seats or sit on your hands. Hit it out the park or play it where it lands, better listen up 'cause I'm making my demands. shake up the system, beautiful collision, every dollar earned I'm takin a commission. Ain't that precious? Ain't the cute? Hipster freak, distracted fool, comin 'round my neighborhood, better break out or you night get took.
Way I Be 03:33
Dream a little dream, baby, or dream a giant dream a beanstalk and try to climb it, save yourself a princess, tag her royal highness and slay that dragon before he realizes I spy evil eye witches in Armani on 5th Poison apple martinis, mazeratti broomsticks, gucci heels, louis V bag of tricks and a ginger bread condo with a view to make you sick. I move quick through the gauntlet, spittin swords, at orcs, trolls, ogres, politicians, and lawyers, Destroyin knees caps like Gotti with a wood bat givin cheese back to my people like a Robin HoodRat, I'm a plain-clothes Paladin challenging the suspect dust heads, my excalibur cuts checks, nuff said! Got soul to revive the undead, save the day and ride the MTA into the sunset. Dream on for eons, lucid out of body recon, extra sensory perceptionists reading your neon signs of the timeless, channel wisdom from the beyond open up my chakras and let the spirits get their freak on. Keep pace with the pavement singin these street songs with knights of the circle cyphers, fighters for freedom, who stay out all night just to worship the sweet dawn, who live, love, fight, and fuck hard to appease God. It's all playground politics, balance the see-saw Hig and go seek, tag, king of the Titons, Stingers from bees, wasps, birds in the treetops, cross-pollination, hot and bother the weak spot. Most of these models are beasts, dog, you can bag em but you gotta swallow bottles of cheap shots. My free thought protects me from gettin my dreams caught and if you don't believe me you can go and clean your reeboks. I dream with reckless abandon either layin out or standing I dream of leaping over rainbows and never landing I dreams of genies in lamps and gypsies in wagons fortune teller phantoms with diamond crusted cap guns I dream of action, I dream direction, I dream Martin Luther King dreaming perfection, I dream anthems, I dream epic compositions on canvas and brick, sick montana masterpieces, I dream of speaking the truth when the beat starts to roll, exposing my heart and soul and heating the cold, I dream of teaching the Tin Man, making the Lion less cowardly, and when I wake up I make my dreams a reality. It's just the way I be...
Same Faces 03:01
I been a goner, got her on a spin cycle, hot and bothered, teeter totter caught her on the chin with a sweeter offer. Real monster grin at a thin Madonna, ink blotter, Win a proper dinner, anything, just don't drink the water. Imprint a cinnamon submissive in a phantom opera, blinking at the whispering visions of a candelabra, Sample all the bad land pantomimes, pentagrams; pencil in appointments with the Devil and his denizens. Den of Sin resident ignoring all the evidence, sorting out the sordid porridge testers tasting poisonous. Voiceless toy of war, boycott - choice is yours. Sore spot omnivore, lost his own, scopin yours. Open doors, frozen ocean, overdose, comatose poster whore roaming with a clothespin on her nose. Gropin for the notion and words for the perfect potion curin all the serpent omens burnin at your virgin's robes. no it's just not as easy as it was...
Ego Trap 01:36
Bitterness 03:39
Here we go again another day in the winery Sour grapes, bathing ape, drunk monkey shinery Lost on the way to who we are in who we tryna be Blinded by the absinthe, trapped in the dynasty Climbing that social ladder, smoke and bad actors Locomotive shady but the engine’s going faster Gambling with Destiny wishing that our luck lasted Lost on the high seas like a flying dutchmaster I struggle through the sludge tryna understand my purpose Got mud in my skull and sand in my circuits And the drugs wore off so I’m getting nervous So I’ma pull the plug if none of ya’ll know how to work it There’s dirt in every verdict, blood on every palm Greed in every handshake, pain in every soul I’ve seen a lot of smiles but I don’t believe em all And it’s too bad, now the fad’s spun out of control! Peter piper picked a pack of cigarettes A fifth of jack, a stack of porno mags, some aspirin capsules And a nickel bag Mother Mary suffered barely covered all her student loans Single parent, grin and bear it, woke up with a withered soul Little Boy Blue could move a kilo to his people in a couple days Til someone blew his horn, now he’s locked away Little Bo Peep walked the streets to cop her sweets and cream But the offers ceased from the lost sheep she was counting on to dream. I push a fat whip Full of fat kids Brass knuckle flashing ready to crack ribs Stacking the chips. Master magic tricks like Digging apostles out of every last ditch. That’s it We’ve had it up to the chandeliers With the propaganda and the random fear We ain’t buying into the labels and the brands of gear Sick of standing in the rear with our cans of beer The message is clear - walk on broken glass Getting open, holding hot coal in our hands It’s our world and we own where we stand Throwing stones at the sun just to show that we can We’re home! Ain’t talking about four walls and a ceiling I’m talking about breathing easy, releasing the demons We’re caught in the belly of the beast being eaten Til we break the food chain. It’s time to get even.
The Magic 04:15
Message 02:20
Turn it Off 03:35
Road Map (free) 03:38


released May 5, 2007

Shout ot to my brothers Bisc1 and Domer for the verses. Also Holigan, Nolan Fisher, and Domer for the beats, and you for checkin me out!


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brokeMC Brooklyn, New York

Since 2005, brokeMC has been an innovator of the Indie NYC rap scene. Releasing five solo albums, collaborating on three albums with the famous MINDSpray Crew, and countless other cameos and contributions, he is a prolific creative force and active supporter of the NYC music community.

brokeMC believes in revolutions of heart and mind, expansion of soul and spirit, and evolution of perception.
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