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Satan's Little Miracle (an ode to the internet)

by broke'N'Phono

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Gucci Fur 00:43
Cult 45 02:58
Better and better than forever like Some never never land lubbers Stressing the treasure Box thought bent tryna find some kinda pleasure Something to lessen the pressure, something better And better and better than whatever’s in the hand That three bird problem, that feather brained weather man Vain as ever, playin the center of the steady cam The ghost in the machine, the GOAT in the pentagram can’t see past the ego, lost direction Used to be hungry til we ate up all the breadcrumbs Got indigestion, heart burnt out, stomach turned sour Couldn’t stand the concessions, curb mouth Fed up with the pretenders dressed as defenders Costume cadets spaced out, chasing the cheddar They say it makes it better and better is deceptive Cause what is better but a simple shift in perspective Pick up the phone, pick up the pace, pick your bones Pick a position and stand by that shit, let em know It’s not getting better, not by any stretch of Pinnochio’s Deviated septum, don’t abbreviate the question Its the beginning of a long conversation in the trenches Are you a soldier of fortune or a warmer of benches Do you have skin in the game cause you’re sick of the same excuses like tear gas, trading bricks for grenades Get control, use your illusion, flex the mirage Wake up from the nightmare, connect the dots To get the bigger picture you gotta turn the TV off And answer the call —— The pent up aggression, the vent, the steam that powers the engine The dreams we defend in the face of real offenses Good intentions paved the way to indiscretions Now Insurrections, and the revolution being internetted The cities will burn til they learn, the first and last purge Of the pasture, we need more black sheep in the damn herd You can’t hear me, I’m on my last nerve, so Just tighten your blindfold and march off the edge of your flat earth
I been a bearer of bad tidings Chidings, titanic capsizings, and apocalypse horse bridle bitings Sometimes you gotta face the conductors wand, and if the music don’t soothe you just move the fuck on Life ain’t supposed to be easy. If it was we’d always be sleepy bored as sheep waiting to get eaten. I seen em on the front lines The type of fighters known to hide behind a sign reppin witty one liners Feelin safe because their armors a couple shades lighter The type to do the dance and never pay the piper Fragile agitators catching selfies then they’re catching vapors Pack up your sag cards, cut all the day players Bad actors can’t hack it, oscars so white, imposters are back at it Soon as we turn our backs on em, tryna Play us as possums, but we got em where we want em Pushing back til we resurrect the fallen
Unhand me. Leave my tongue in tact Let’s discuss the facts Puzzle for the huddled mass Now Check the muzzle flash Train our sites on that Point and click attack, type swift Triggered by chicken scratch Let the kids empty clips and clap back back back We want a different class We want a hypnotist A synthesis a rhythm track A wisdom hack Like visions barely living imprisoned among these bewitched civilians It’s like being beached with Wilson Mirages given god status now I’m losing my religion
Accountant 01:33
#Dislike 00:40
The mask I wear doesn’t weaken me, I’m not hiding behind it it keeps the reaper out my vicinity fam Headlines sum it up indecently And lives are on the lines that the blind refuse to read between Damn It’s common decency like covering your face when you sneeze at me It’s not a scarlet letter to tar and feather, scar and fetter And it’s not a symbolic gesture to steer the sheep Critical think to find the pivotal link til we hit critical mass The physical task to find shit that don’t stink from a political ass Now I got nothing against tryna be holistic but part of that Is knowing the role we play in the whole system It aint a vacuum, and with the divine as my witness Don’t try to tell me science ain’t a benediction
Wypipo 03:39
Whypeople say that racism doesn’t exist. That it’s a myth. It’s a beast best left out in the mist out of sight out of vision Waipepo teach that when slavery ended so did persecution, and illegal detentions, lynchings and executions. Waipepo hate when you mention the wealth of this nation was built off of slavery and indigenous population annihilation Waipepo prefer to imagine waipepo bravery, waipepo victory, waipepo agency, Waipepo savior dreams Waipepo hate it when statues of racist men get taken down and replaced with memorials for the people they massacred Waipepo would rather keep them as ambassadors, symbols of a racist history they canonize and pander to Waipepo say black folk can be racist too, that it’s better not to see color, that it’s better to play the fool Than face the truth, conversate about perspectives they ain’t endured, because they know better, they wrote history so they get to make the rules / dictate the truth Wypipo do all this racist shit. It makes me sick. Cause I’m white but I’m not like them - My patience thins I would hate to think I was racist, I mean I would hate to think V2 :: Waipepo got all sorts of statistics abused and misshapen to prop up their defensive tactics and exculpatory statements To prove black people are brutes and guilty for their own situation As if a history of redlining and segregation Doesn’t weigh into the equation Waipepo absolve themselves of any historical association with a system which prioritizes our needs and safety Waipepo say all lives matter as if that was in question but it’s offensive Because black lives continue to be ended in the streets by white officers weapons I’m not saying I’m perfect. That racism isn’t something I have no stakes in. That I’ve escaped it. I’m just at a point where I'm less uncomfortable having the conversation - I don’t want to be called racist either And for awhile that fear kept me in the safety of the bleachers Out of the line of fire, a cheerleader, a dumb witness Until I realized that the choice not to play was my privilege I’ve debated semantics with the wypipo in my family, Conversations taxing me Like climbing the cliffs of insanity see? I’m doing the work Slowly dismantling, unraveling the grasp White Supremacy has on them and on me
Wakey Wakey 00:55
My head hurts working on My dependency the human centipede Sick of sucking up to All my best enemies with Deaf pleasantries Peddled to a pack of rabid pedigrees I Network these polluted ponds and lakes Still can’t find a peace of mind or escape May Day, stay blazed, blahze phrase Dominate air waves and playlist saves Hm Come to think of it the weakest link complex is outdated, the crowd hates it. And I never sacrificed the vaguest vision to the Vicious gods of any ancient religion or mad matrix I may be migraine minded, a high plains tyrant Poppin ibuprofen, acetaminophen syphon To dull the dementia and choruses of sirens Cause sleeping aint an option when my people wanna riot So is it carpe diem or carpe diamonds? We can parlay science or part ways violent Mark my silence, since all the circuits got shorted Mission aborted, peep the milk carton portrait ——- Words aint worth what they used to be Dollars to doughnuts, cheese and charcuterie Mangle grammer, poetic bufoonery Now I dream in emojis cartoonish mutiny Text and snap, you can tweet my eulogy Archive my soul in the cloud computing me Put a laugh track on a break beat loop And a pair of silver dollars on my baby blues To pay the ferryman, and lift allegations Erase the evidence of faulty proclamation Cancel the pixel parade, obscure the hate If you’re gonna tie my hands, might as well blur my face It’s a burn that won’t heal, the never ending red line It’s the same old story, its past my bedtime It’s a media circus, a worthless purchase And the truth aint as heavy as a headline
Excorgasm 00:41


Billy Phono and friends on beats. brokeMC and friends on raps.

Brooklyn rapper/producer brokeMC and Carmarthen-based MC/Producer Billy Phono have birthed a hell of an album. Conjured from the depths of the pandemic, Billy Phono's signature glitch hop swelters under brokeMC's maelstrom of iconoclast diatribes. With tracks that tackle
White Fragility ("Wypipo") to the prevalent addiction to social media ("influencer influenza") to a debate over mask mandates with Homeboy Sandman ("Simulacrumbs"), it's an album pregnant with hot takes and deep fakes.

Satan's Little Miracle, launching on UK-based label Bard Picasso, features an array of talented guests from both sides of the pond: Homeboy Sandman, Mandella Eskia (fka Crimdella), Corey James Gray (formerly Ill Spokinn), Dizzy Senze, Dyalekt, Zhubat, and Wolfgang Von Vanderghast. It is less of a concept album and more variations on a theme: the evil that persists at the core of so many things we take for granted, the miracle of the internet and all the hell it has unleashed, its nature atomic in its potential for both elevation and destruction.

Good on ya.


released November 14, 2021

Mixed by brokeMC
Mastered by Tim Boyce at thesounddesign.com
All beats by Billy Phono.
Bass, Uke, and Guitars on various tracks by Dom Elias
Guitar on "The Pushback" by brokeMC.
Anthom added some heat to "Migraine Minded"
Deathrow Tull recreated The Fugees for DJ Risk1 to scratch on "Simulacrumbs"
DJ Risk1 also scratched on "The Pushback."
DJ D Spliff Added cuts to "Migraine Minded" and "Cult45"


all rights reserved



brokeMC Brooklyn, New York

Since 2005, brokeMC has been an innovator of the Indie NYC rap scene. Releasing five solo albums, collaborating on three albums with the famous MINDSpray Crew, and countless other cameos and contributions, he is a prolific creative force and active supporter of the NYC music community.

brokeMC believes in revolutions of heart and mind, expansion of soul and spirit, and evolution of perception.
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