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Spillin' My Guts

by brokeMC

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Not Again 04:25
it's a burn on the tongue from kissin the sun, it's learnin to run, it's standing your ground and goin' numb. It's a burden and a chore, it's uncertain that's for sure, a paradox knockin at your back door!
Well here I am! Examine every angle. Pick apart the heart I set out for you to mangle. Tangle with my train of thought, leave the track in shambles, manhandle my emotion and feed it to the cannibals. I fan the flame to burn the can of worms. Can't stand the shame, I tame it on my own terms. Earn my stripes, similar plight to a caged bird. Stereo-type-cast--Mummify my last words:: PRESERVED THROUGH TIME FOR MINDS TO UNRAVEL, MAKE ACQUAINTANCE WITH MY REMAINS AND CRUCIFY MY SHADOW:: I battle the rabble, keep my strategy casual, competition laughable. I never had to read the manual. Gathering granules of matter from all these scattered brains, tattered frames. Mad hatter master gaining weight. Fate was decided. The bait was undeniable. I had to have a taste, maybe just a little nibble. Got hooked on the fable, pulled the plug on my payload, deprived of my say-so and I was only on my way home:: STANDING AT THE CROSSROADS, PITCHFORK IN THE ROAD. TIME TO MAKE A CHOICE, NOW WHICH ONE TAKES YOU HOME. I AIN'T GOT A MAP, BUT I BEEN READING ALL THE SIGNS, AND I STILL CAN'T MAKE UP MY MIND. So I PUSH to the EDGE to the DEEP to the BREATH to the NEED for the REST to the WHAT's COMING NEXT?? Tumbling through the movements, I'm used to the bumps and bruises. Times tightening the noose. It's a rude awakening for all these naked students. Make me fluent 'cause all these creeps speak in scriptures and I can't read lips so I just peep the pictures. Weak and withered blood-giver missin a little prick, so I'ma split like a rock kissing a drill bit. IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY'LL COME GATHER AROUND. FIRST THEY WANNA TOUCH IT, THEN THEY WANNA TEAR IT DOWN. IF YOU HIDE IT, THEN THEY'LL FIGHT TO CATCH A PEEK, AND IF IT'S EVERYTHING THEY DREAMED, WORD WILL SPREAD LIKE A DISEASE. I'll call a bluff. I'll call it how it be. Watch the volcano erupt and the peasants run and scream. I need a steam bath to sweat out the disease, get rid of the carcinogens and remember how to breathe. It's my island. I'm starting to feel violent. Commit self-inflicted damage and banish all the wise men. I'm wasted. Face it. The story of my life. Cheap entertainment till we bleed between the lines. So bleed....
It's a crazy world and it don't make sense, I'm just another tragedy in colorful threads. I've mastered the method of being misunderstood. Won't be angry if you pass on these damaged goods.
Ode 04:11
Hey Mom, are you listening? Somewhere I tripped and the point came up missing. I posted a classified listing but no one replied, now I asking you Mom why do I even try? It's a cold world, and I ain't even got a bomber, rather live in the bahamas, hit the bottom of my wallet, can't afford to call the shots, pumpin quarters in the slot. Long distance from my kinsmen and the mission's been botched. And I'd like to retire but someone fired the boss, and the wires got crossed so I'm blowin up my own spot, got everything I ever wanted, gave up all I had, now I'm saving every penny trying to buy it all back, cause time is expensive, every seconds an investment, and even if you strike gold, there ain't no price tag on friendship. I set out on a quest, broke some eggs and a promise, I'm halfway through the jungle an I lost my compass, I started with ambition and a vision of the other side, but brick walls and pitfalls been prayin on my mind. and I'm pretty sure I could turn and find my way back, but my hometowns now a ghost town, Guess I've chosen my path.
Malpractice 02:50
drowned out 04:13
Midas 03:15
why I write 04:13
elopsis 05:10
smokeshop 03:22


my first real full length... yowza!


released July 18, 2005

i made this.


all rights reserved



brokeMC Brooklyn, New York

Since 2005, brokeMC has been an innovator of the Indie NYC rap scene. Releasing five solo albums, collaborating on three albums with the famous MINDSpray Crew, and countless other cameos and contributions, he is a prolific creative force and active supporter of the NYC music community.

brokeMC believes in revolutions of heart and mind, expansion of soul and spirit, and evolution of perception.
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